Ned Buskirk

Who I am through what I do

Working creatively to produce inspiring results.


A project I worked on for the better part of three years, one that reflects many of the tenants I used to create You're Going to Die, was the three-year running podcast YourPR. A podcast committed to individual creativity & expression, the show was created during the first few years of podcasting's emerging popularity. 

From the ground up, I launched, produced, directed, & served as project manager creating over one hundred episodes of this people’s podcast, entirely committed to community creativity & all before the word "podcast" was a household name. I directed & mentored over thirty people in creating their own episodes & wrote & produced over fifty interviews on creativity.

YourPR performed as a successful distribution platform for hundreds of artists from 2006 to 2009; its cancellation had nothing to do with any lack of my belief in its purpose & everything to do with the manifestation of a more effective & focused platform for artists in our community - You're Going to Die.