Ned Buskirk

Who I am through what I do

Working creatively to produce inspiring results.

Customer Service

I’m an expert in customer service management with over ten years of experience in a wide variety of environments, including tech referral, hospitality, entertainment, start-ups, and sales, but in all of these roles, customer satisfaction, people’s happiness, has been my primary commitment – a commitment to providing people with an empowering experience, one that not only makes life a little easier, but also leaves the individual feeling more confident and capable of spreading the good word about our service or product. 

Project Manager

Need someone responsible for the planning, execution and closing of any project, while I may not do so well on a construction site or working in aerospace or defense, in the worlds of advertising, design, marketing, social media, event planning, or any other necessarily creative endeavor, not only does my experience match the work... so do my passions.


You name it, I'll write it. If it's creating direct mail pieces, taglines, jingle lyrics, web page content, online ads, e-mail, Internet content, television ads, radio commercials, press releases, catalogs, billboards, brochures, postcards, sales letters, marketing communications, media pages, blog posts, tweets, & social-networking site posts, with a MA under my belt, & producing 50,000+ words a year,  I'M YOUR MAN. For example, I just wrote this.


With my background in creative execution, any needs for overall financial and managerial functions of a production or venue, raising or providing financial backing, or hiring personnel for creative positions (writers, directors, designers, artists, etc), my experience fits the bill. Just don't ask me to get the film rights to J.D. Salinger's Catcher in the Rye; I hear it's hard.

Event Organizer

Much of my work experience is about gathering multiple talents together to create something bigger than the sum of our parts. I guess that makes me a Bigger-Than-The-Some-Of-Our-Parts Organizer, but, regardless, my talent connections are far-reaching and my ability to bring people together to make a powerful experience that'll change your life - or at least your day - is unmatched.


With a Master of Arts in English, a Certificate in the Teaching of Composition, hundreds of hours tutoring and teaching creative pedagogy, my goal in education first and foremost is to empower, motivate and inspire students, making the classroom a starting point for positive impact on their lives outside it.


Need any of the above - Get in touch!