Ned Buskirk

Who I am through what I do

Working creatively to produce inspiring results.

Creative Impulse

There are those ideas that refuse to leave you alone, the ideas that bubble up out of your psyche no matter how busy you get or where your life takes you. Active creativity is impulse incarnate & to find individually unique creative expression is to let these ideas become reality. Whether silly or serious, deep or dabbling, the below projects are some of my ways to let those relentless ideas find their way into the world... 

DDCA [Daddy DayCare Adventures]

Raising a child is somewhat of a creative endeavor in itself. Spending the last three years providing daycare for my son, I found a way to share our little reality with others, while at the same time using another chance to get creative... this time with kid content. 

Behold, the DDCA photo blog. And the rules are simple...

  1. Always visit a new Bay Area location.
  2. Post great photos with great captions.
  3. Oh. And of course, keep the child alive.

Insomniac Sees

A simpler version of finding a creative outlet while at the same time creating a platform for others to do the same: Insomniac Sees. All it requires is a person who can't sleep and a camera. The idea is for said insomniac to take a picture of what they see when they can't sleep at night. The site encourages followers to send in their photos - whether it's prowling pets, streetlight lit windows, red glowing alarm clocks - whatever it is, to just send it in...

Insomniac Sees.jpg

Joki Tea

A line of tea bags that people insist need to exist & I insist will... Joki Tea - Witty, rude, sarcastic & honest, these tea bags let me play with PhotoShop while giving my tea bag writing muscles the exercise they need... for... um... that day when I get hired to write for a tea bag company. Yeah. (Here's a little Joki Tea publicity with a photo used in the body of an article by STV Edinburgh.)


You're Going to Die allows me the opportunity to express myself in creative ways that started in my childhood. These drawings are a part of an original series I created for the movement, capturing great quotes about death coupled with my quote-inspired visions...


Yeah. I produced a recording or two, alright? I'm not expecting to get a job with this... in fact, I might lose a job or two. But the point in sharing these is to support my belief in unabashed creativity & its need to have a place in my life, in the lives of others, even if it falls a bit short of high quality - the goal is in the doing. After all, if it was high quality, I'd be touring with a band instead of working on this portfolio, right? You be the judge.


A Sufjan Stevens Cover I produced with my friend Stephen Snider.


A Peter Broderick piece I remixed with noises of my baby boy.


A song I wrote and produced for a You're Going to Die Christmas compilation.